1890s names (1916)

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Wed Sep 4 18:22:27 UTC 2002

   6 August 1916, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. BR306:
   That interesting period of "the eighteen nineties" in art, literature, and society, has been variously labeled, admired, abused.  The Yellow Nineties, the Glorious Nineties, the Naughty Nineties, the Rococo Nineties, the Aesthetic Nineties, the Decadent Nineties--these are some of the titles of that time.

   10 October 1926, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. BR34:
   _New York in the Elegant Eighties_, by Henry Collins Brown.

(I thought "elegant eighties" was before this book, but perhaps not.  Notice that "Gay Nineties" was NOT mentioned in 1916--ed.)

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