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Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Wed Sep 4 21:50:45 UTC 2002

This message came to me via Peter Richardson, who is currently vacationing
from ads-l but promises to rejoin one of these days.  Peter himself
received it secondhand, and he wondered if anyone on ads-l had any clues to
an answer.

I see the OED's first cite is from 1937.  Several etymological dictionaries
I checked didn't have it.

I'll forward any replies back along the chain to the original inquirer.
(Or should I say I'll backward them?)

Peter Mc.

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I was searching on the internet for the origins of pig latin and came across
your posting.  I am particularly interested in the word "pig" which I
suppose refers to "pidgin" but to suppose is not good enough for me.
Actually I am only guessing on that explaination and am hoping to find a
more interesting origin of the "pig" in pig latin.

if you have the answer, I would be appreciative if you could forward it
along to me.

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