Mosquito Wing (1965); Easter Rabbit (1924); "Yankees" borrowing again

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   I took a look at YEAH magazine from the early 1960s at NYU Fales Library.
I wanted to copy one page for fifty cents, but they said it wasn't perfect
and they wouldn't do the darn one page.  I hate when stuff goes to Fales.

YEAH 4 (1962), fake ad on back of issue:
   American National Party
   Communism Must Perish!  Better Dead, than Red!

YEAH 10 (1965), "Killl for Peace" issue.
Pg. ?
   From _A New Dictionary of Army Language_ by Barry Boland
_your ass is grassed (and I'm the lawnmower)_:  you have had it (lawnmower
optional, in disrepute).
   (RHHDAS has this from 1955 AMERICAN SPEECH, then 1963--ed.)
_candy ass_ (a): a  soft individual, not accustomed to hardship; picky.
   (RHHDAS has 1852, 1966 and 1967 cites--ed.)
_donkey dick and peanut butter_: field rations cold or uncooked.
_fiddle fuck_ (v): to waste time ( to form noun, add "er").
   (RHHDAS has 1949--ed.)
_mess of chopped up donkey dick, it looks like a_: a refence to a messy
_mosquito wing_ (n): PFC stripe ^ (skeeterwing).
   (RHHDAS has 1948--ed.)
_to ream (out)_ (v): to discipline verbally.

(Who is Barry Boland?  Is there more to this??--ed.)



   I'm working for a better bunny.
   From CANDY AND ICE CREAM RETAILER, March 1924, pg. 64 ad:

_EGGS_--Filled with Chocolate Creams.  Elaborately decorated.
_RABBITS_--Solid, Hollow.  All positions and sizes.
_EASTER BASKET_--The latest novelty.
_BON-BON BOXES_--Made of Chocolate in Filigree Designs.
_CHICK BAR_--The HIT of the Season.
   _Cannar & Marshall_
2455 Archer Ave.   Chicago, Ill.


---------------------------------------------"YANKEES" BORROWING AGAIN

text by Glenn Stout
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company

Pg. 19:  By 1904 "Yankees" was widely used, particularly by the _New York
Evening Journal_ and had become the name of choice among fans.

   My work, used again.  I received no money for the above, and I received no
credit, either.
   When the Yankees celebrate their 100th anniversary, you can be sure that I
won't be invited.  I'll never understand why.  A simple letter from George
Steinbrenner, in any scribble at all, saying, at the bare minimum, two words:
 "Thank you."  Too much to ask?
   Recently, the Yankees donated $250,000 to the Bronx.  That's nice.  It's
something they should do, and they get a tax deduction for it.  But they also
got free publicity on every tv station I turned to.  They also got a press
conference with the mayor of New York City.
   When my parents died, I also gave about $250,000 to New York CIty.  I
didn't get a press conference; the mayor abandoned me.
   I put a "Yankee curse" on the club four years ago, and this is the thanks
I get?

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