port/starboard and left/right

Ben Ostrowsky sylvar at VAXER.NET
Thu Sep 5 02:27:56 UTC 2002

> #Can't say as I spent a whole lotta time on the Bridge proper, that kinda
> #think just not being my thuktun, but 14 months at sea adn the rest of the
> "thuktun"??

Another friend explains:

"The Traveller fithp's native language used 'thuktun' to refer to an area
of knowledge, or a specialty.  (Ref _Footfall_, by Niven & Pournelle.
Mostly hard-sf meets alien invaders.  Worth reading)"

Google has a few examples, including:

Ah well, such terms are not my thuktun.
Okay. It's your thuktun, as Niven would write....

It also seems to refer to an artifact that imparts knowledge on a
specific area, but I'm reaching.  I suppose I'd have to read _Footfall_ to
provide more explanation.

FWIW, it's the first time I'd ever heard the term too, and it doesn't seem
to be in wide use even among fen, at least within Google's thuktun.


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