Can't Steal First Base (1941)

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> >Actually you can steal first, if it is a dropped third strike by the
> >catcher, and that is only in baseball when the bases are 90', and
> >fast pitch softball, but not in little league, until you get to
> >senior league when the bases are 90'.
> >
> >MaNcO
> >
> Well, to get technical, that's not actually stealing first.  It's
> reaching first on a dropped third strike, and doesn't count as a
> stolen base.

Correct. When the batter advances to first on a dropped third strike, it's
scored as a "strikeout" for the pitcher (even though the batter is not
"out") and as a "passed ball" against the catcher. Stolen bases aren't
awarded in cases of fielder error, wild pitch, or passed ball, so the batter
doesn't get one. In the unlikely event the batter manages to make it to
second base without being tagged, he is awarded a stolen base for second,
but there is no way to be awarded one for first.

It makes the infield fly rule look easy.

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