"Yes, we have no bananas" (1923)

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Thu Sep 5 03:55:40 UTC 2002

   We'll try this slippery subject again, using NEW YORK TIMES full text.  There is no mention of TAD (Thomas A. Dorgan) in the early articles that I read--just the song is mentioned.

   13 June 1923, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 11:
_"Yes, We Have No Bananas_
   _Today" Prize of Collection_
   _Made Here._

   12 August 1923, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. BR8:
_Yes! We Have No Bananas"--and Why_
   Perhaps familiarities with the title phrase: it seems to have been in use, though not widely current, before the song was written.

(The head on my last post should read "One damn thing after another," no "damned"--ed.)

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