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Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
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I'd have to check the Schweizerisches Idiotikon for history and
distribution of the phrase, but I've heard it frequently in eastern
Switzerland. It might have greater currency in areas where hunting is more
of a pastime--thus probably less familiar to banking and insurance circles
in Zurich and Luzern, for example. But no matter how noble one's current
social position, the Swiss in general are proud to be the products of good
solid peasant stock, with all the positive attributes that implies. And
hunting would fit nicely into the picture of the rugged individualist.

Now, in that context you might be surprised to hear that fishing with live
bait is illegal there: cruelty to animals. (There might be "fisherman's
Latin," too, but I just haven't heard it; I know that the phrase would
certainly be understood.)


On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Dennis R. Preston wrote:

> >What's the area for people who use this expression (and do they
> >apoply it to hunters of that same area or another).
> Thanks,
> dInIs
> >Thanks for the notes on pig Latin. I'm reminded, too, of the Alpine
> >language known as "hunter's Latin" (Jaegerlatein), i.e. lying.
> >
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