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Our very own Allan Metcalf has the prestigious end-of-book interview
page in this week's Time Out New York, cover date Sept. 5 to 12, issue
number 362. The article, titled "Coming to Terms," does not appear to
be on the TONY web site. It covers, generally, new words since last
Sept. 11 and the process of new words entering language, including
whether "9/11 (nine eleven)" and "Ground Zero" will stick.

An excerpt:

TONY: Do you know anybody who thinks we live in a homeland?

AM: The word "homeland" doesn't mean America to Americans. It has
European, foreign, even Nazi connotations--as in the Nazi idea of
creating a homeland for their people. So it just doesn't sit well in
terms of defending our country. It would be like saying "the Axis of

TONY: But what if we get a Department of Homeland Security, with a
secretary and letterhead?

AM: That gives it a chance. If we really develop a Department of
Homeland Security that, over the years, does impressive things, that
could give the word a new meaning for future generations. Until then,
it's the wrong term.

TONY: How did we wind up with it, then? You'd think the people in
charge of naming these things would be good PR people.

AM: You have unusual faith in government operatives. I don't think
anybody even thought about it. Another thing was Bush announcing a
"crusade." Anybody who had any sense of history would know that, when
addressing people in the Middle East, you don't use the word "crusade"
unless you want to make more enemies.

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