Normal people vs. us; ugliness in Illinois

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--On Sunday, September 15, 2002 10:51 am -0400 Laurence Horn
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> At 9:39 AM -0400 9/15/02, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>> Both of these combinations were conventional when I lived there (early
>> 1970's). But my favorite was the infrequently encountered but relatively
>> beautiful "Chambanana" (like "sham banana").
> I also recall simple "Shambana", which I figured alternated with
> "Ur-pain".

Missed most of this thread, so excuse me for repeating if anyone's already
mentioned "Shampoo-Banana".

When I was there, it was pretty standard that Champaign-Urbana was the
town, but Urbana-Champaign was the University.


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