A new word -- at least to me

Susan Gilbert susandgilbert at MSN.COM
Mon Sep 16 08:04:35 UTC 2002

Reminds me of what my Russian grandmother used to call "mishing" around--again in small spaces.

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Just got this from a friend.  I thought it might be in DARE, but I don't have the Ms.  Anyone help?  Rima

So my sister-in-law is telling us about their new kitten and say's "He's mizing about in Jack's beard."  Hmmmm, mizing.  Vas iz das, I ask.  Eventually I learn that "mizing"  (to mize, mize, mized) is an Oklahoma (possibly mountain William Oklahoma) word meaning to search in a small, crowded place for goodies.  One might mize in a purse, but not on a table.

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