stupid comments

Matthew Gordon GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU
Thu Sep 19 15:47:29 UTC 2002

Yes, but AUNT is a phonological variable. I think comments are very common with
phonological variants maybe particularly when they are restricted to a single
word or a small lexical set (e.g., CREEK, ASK).

RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:

> In a message dated 8/23/02 11:18:34 AM, GordonMJ at MISSOURI.EDU writes:
> << Such comments (and justifications) are never added about other lexical
> variables (e.g., sack v. bag, seesaw v. teeter-totter). >>
> I do hear such comments about the variant pronunciations of AUNT--those who
> distinguish AUNT from ANT say stupid things like "My mother's sister is not a
> bug."

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