a gesture; and cubana & green specs

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sat Sep 21 11:34:01 UTC 2002

>The following passage contains an interesting description of a provocative
>or defiant gesture:
>"I say." says Tom, who wears the big man-of-war's Spanish cloak, lined
>with scarlet, "you there, with the green specs, ought to be at home at
>this hour -- no man that won't go out to Cato's ought to perambulate,
>demme!"  Green specs knocked his hat a little aslant on the top of his
>head and stood a la Fuller.  "Oh! thank ye," said Tom, "I'm your man for a

(1) Did Green-specs knock his own hat aslant, or did he knock Tom's hat aslant?

(2) "Cubana" here looks to me like it should mean "fight" or so. Perhaps
this "cubana" is a metaphor? Was there a dance then known as "[danza]
cubana" perhaps (in the more recent sense or otherwise) (cf. "habanera")?

-- Doug Wilson

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