Mad Yak menu (Tu, Marsen, Momo)

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Sat Sep 21 13:48:03 UTC 2002

   My general tour manager is in the process of replacing our tour guide (with only about two Tibet days left).  This has never happened before on any of my tours, but the poor guide just didn't know her archiphonemes.
   We went to the "Crazy Yak" restaurant, but it was crowded, so we went to the affiliated "Mad Yak" restaurant.  ("Mentally Challenged Yak" is still available for a restaurant name here.)  They put on a nice floor show and gave us "kata" as we left...The "yak butter tea" here was better, but still not our cup of tea.  The "chang" tasted like weak wine.
   There was a row of Chinese dishes and a row of Tibetan dishes, with explanations in English.  From the Tibetan side:

MARSEN (barley flour, butter, Tibetan cheese, brown sugar)
TU (yak butter, Tibetan cheese, brown sugar)
DOPA KHATSA (yak trip, curry, salt, Tibetan fennel seed)
LOWA (sheep's lung, wheat flour, garlic, pepper, salt)
SHOHOG KHATSA (potato, spices, yak butter, pepper)
GYUMAK (small intestine of sheep, fresh sheep's blood, minced lamb, rice, salt, pepper)
DOMA DAISI (gensing, rice, butter, sugar)
STEAMED STUFFED BUN ("Momo," but that word was not used--ed.)

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