Irish Travellers

Drew Danielson andrew.danielson at CMU.EDU
Sun Sep 22 22:17:14 UTC 2002

Bob Haas wrote:
> I do believe that's correct, but Pitt's dialect was just a funny hodge-podge
> that he threw together (I saw a making-of on the DVD).
> BTW, for another look at Irish Travellers in the U.S., check out TRAVELLER
> (1997) with Bill Paxton and Julianna Margulies.  I have no idea whether or
> not it's culturally accurate in any way, but it is pretty entertaining.

Other info sources on Irish Travellers (in the US as well as in Britain
and in Ireland) (often combined with info on Gypsies, but the
distinction is always elaborated upon) -

One quick note -'s Language Family Index lists Traveller
Norwegian, Traveller Danish, and Tavringer Romani (this under I-E >
Germanic > North > East Scandinavian > Swedish).  More info on
Scandanavian Travellers at:
                               /theories.html - which does not argue
                               strongly that Travellers are entirely
                               distinct from Gypsies - this site
                               evidence that argues competing theories
                               Traveller origins (at least among Scanda-
                               navian Travellers)

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