Fwd: Dictionary inclusion of unworthy words

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Sep 23 14:22:12 UTC 2002

Some info of possible interest, forwarded from the Forensic Ling.
list.  Unfortunately, I don't know what the "local TV channel"
is--presumably it's somewhere in the NYC area if he's at Hofstra--but
it does sound as though Mr. Leonard is spreading the good word.


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Date:         Mon, 23 Sep 2002 08:42:11 -0400
Sender: The discussion list for Language and the Law
From: "Robert A. Leonard" <Robert.A.Leonard at HOFSTRA.EDU>
Subject: Dictionary inclusion of unworthy words

Dear List Members,

I have been invited on to the morning news show of the local TV
channel (2 million viewers, they claim) to comment on why the OED has
included slang words like Phat. I have done field research on slang
for a number of years and can explain why it is an essential part of
the language, but I was wondering if this would not be a good
opportunity to mention the application of linguistics to other than
what the public considers oddities like slang but to central issues
of society like the law.  I guess I am asking for ideas on a hook.
Any thoughts?  I go on Tuesday morning New York time.

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