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Tue Sep 24 08:30:06 UTC 2002

When I was growing up (African American, Western VA, '60's) PHAT
stood for something more vulgar:  pussy, hips, ass and thighs.
Perhaps M-W's is the clean version of the acronym used by people
perhaps offended by the former. I, too, am curious about M-W's
evidence of the origin of the acronym.

> lexicographer who got the most air time was never identified by
> name,
> but did explain to the world that M-W's evidence clearly indicates
> that "phat" originated as an acronym of 'Pretty Hips And Thighs'.
> Is
> this something we actually know, or even universally believe?  Is
> anyone here (from M-W or elsewhere) willing to divulge what this
> evidence is?  I'm skeptical, as I always am of acronymic slang
> derivations (especially for words that don't have a clear military
> or
> cyber-origin).
> Larry

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