/zh/ replacing /dzh/?

Anne Gilbert avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET
Tue Sep 24 23:50:28 UTC 2002

Mark and all:

> #of the process.  "Siege" wouldn't be the same, but maybe it's being
> #assimilated to "beige", "rouge", "liege", etc.?  In that respect, it
> #could even count as a spelling pronunciation, which is certainly not
> #the case for "Beijing" or "Elijah".
> 'sfunny, I've always used /dZ/ in "liege", when I've said it, which
> isn't often... but I *sing* it fairly often, 'cause I used it in a song.

"Siege", "liege", "rouge", "beige", I can understand.the "zh" sound in
these.  And I've always pronounced "garage" the same way. But Beijing and
Elijah?  To me, these "zh" pronunciations don't make sense.
Anne G

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