/zh/ replacing /dzh/?

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Sep 25 15:21:34 UTC 2002

Sounds like pretty prescriptivist house-hunting to me.


In an effort of fairness, I should mention that I did, indeed, say "garage"
/dzh/ yesterday.  My fiance laughed and pointed at me.  Then he said it about
ten minutes later (we were house-hunting).  It was my turn to laugh and
point, and I did.  But it was hollow laugher....

Douglas S. Bigham
University of Texas - Austin

In a message dated 9/25/2002 6:52:44 AM Central Daylight Time,
preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU writes:

>  >Please don't go to Louisville and laugh and point at people who say
>  >"garage" with the affricate. I advise you only for your own physical
>  >safety.
>  dInIs
>  >"Beijing" and "Elijah" with /dzh/ sound as funny to me as "garage" does
>  with
>  >it.  I would laugh and point.  Weezer say "garage" with a /dzh/ and it
>  >supposed to be funny.  I laugh and point.
>  >
>  >-dsb
>  >Douglas S. Bigham
>  >University of Texas - Austin
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