/zh/ replacing /dzh/?

FRITZ JUENGLING juengling_fritz at SALKEIZ.K12.OR.US
Wed Sep 25 18:05:27 UTC 2002

>>> avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET 09/25/02 10:14AM >>>

> GaraZH has always sounded like some affectation. I can see pronouncing
'liege' with  ZH; maybe the speaker is trying to sound more French. The
Normans had lieges and so on.  So, with respect to those old social
classes... However, the garage hardly seems to be the place to be puttin' on
airs.  When I hear some hick from Indiana say 'garazh' I snicker.
> BTW, no one (at least that I have seen) has mentioned the Taj Mahal. TaJ
or TaZH?
>   As for TaJ or TaZH Mahal,

What is it in Urdu (would that be the language that the guy (people) spoke who named it?). I don't think it would be Hindi.

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