Supermarket (1933); Khatag (1874)

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   OED has 25 February 1933, citing the NEW YORK TIMES.  That's close.
   From the NEW YORK TIMES, 19 February 1933, pg. N15:

   The rapid spread throughout the East of "supermarkets" in which foodstuffs
and household necessities are retailed strictly on a price basis was forecast
yesterday by R. O. Dawson, directing head of the "Big Bear" supermarket now
operating in an abandoned Elizabeth (N. J.) automobile factory.



   The Tibetan "khatag" is already in the OED, from 1902, although the first
1863 cite is in brackets.
   A useful citation is in the Making of America database (Cornell), HARPER'S
NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, February 1874, pg. 432:

   He wore the khata around his neck, and an attendant handed another scarf
of happiness to Pon Yong, which she gracefully accented, and wound about her

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