Lebanon Bologna (from Pennsylvania)

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    "Lebanon Bologna" is NOT in DARE, so "Pella Bologna" probably WON'T be
there, either.
   Too bad!
   There are about 37,000 Google hits of Lenanon Bologna!
   I'll do more work on Lebanon Bologna, but this is from

A Lebanon Valley Tradition

Ask someone from outside the Lebanon Valley "what's the first thing they
think of when they hear Lebanon?" and they'll probably say -- Lebanon

"100 % beef, seasoned and smoked to perfection" -- is how we describe this
community's famous smoked sausage product. Invented and perfected in the
Lebanon Valley more than 100 years ago, Lebanon Bologna is now produced by
three premier sausage makers - <A HREF="http://www.kutztownbologna.com/">Kutztown</A>, <A HREF="http://www.seltzerslebanonbologna.com/">Seltzer's </A>and Weaver. Two (Weaver
and Seltzer's) offer tours of their smokehouses and packing facilities.

All three have mail order departments and will gladly ship one stick or a
case of world famous Lebanon Bologna across the county or around the world

<A HREF="http://www.kutztownbologna.com/">Kutztown Bologna Company</A>
PO Box 495
Myerstown, PA 17067-0495
717-933-6693 Fax 717-933-5951
<A HREF="mailto:kutbologna at nbn.net">kutbologna at nbn.net</A>

<A HREF="http://www.seltzersbologna.com/">Palmyra (Seltzer's) Bologna Company, Inc.</A>
230 N. College Street
PO Box 111
Palmyra, PA 17078
717-838-6336 Fax 838-5345
Toll Free: 1-800-282-6336

The Daniel Weaver Company
15th Avenue & Weavertown Road
PO Box 525 Lebanon, PA 17042
717-274-6100 Fax 717-274-6103
Toll Free: 1-800-932-8377
<A HREF="mailto:dweaverco at desupernet.net">dweaverco at desupernet.net</A>

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