Momo and Tukpa (1924)

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   I read the September 2002 BON APPETIT on the plane to Tibet.  Pg. 30 has:
"For Sunday brunch at _Tremont 647_ in Boston's South End...signature _momos_
(Tibetan dumplings)..."  There's not just for Tibet anymore!
   I did more research and found a cite four years before the 1928 that I had
posted here.  Sorry.  You get your money back.
   The revised OED has 1970.

by William Montgomery McGovern, D. Phil (Oxon.)
New York and London: The Century Co.

Pg. 416:
   The most common dish of the aristocrats in Tibet is a broth called
_tukpa_.  This contains vermicelli or spaghetti, made of millet-flour,
generally, and a mass of finely chopped boiled meat.  This might be called
the staple dish for a man will have seven or eight helpings (Pg. 417--ed.) of
this and will, in between these helpings, eat little  bits from the various
side dishes--curried meat, turnips, white radishes, etc., which are in front
of him.
   Another very popular Lhasa dish, consumed in great quantities by
inhabitants of the capital, is _momo_, or meat dumplings.  They are boiled
pastry balls containing minced meat and onions and generally flavored with
_sa_, a pungent wild vegetable nearly as hot as chile.  There are a great
many eating-shops which specialize in these _momo_, and they are usually

Pg. 418:
   To me the Chinese dishes, such as _tukpa_ and _momo_, were scarcely more
appetizing than native Tibetan food; but as raw materials were fairly
abundant, and as there was no longer any necessity for secrecy or disguise,
Lhaten was able to prepare for me a number of dishes for which my soul

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