Sopressata (1965)

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   "Sopressata" is available at the supermarket on Broadway here opposite Columbia University, and at the Italian market about two blocks down at West 112th Street.
   There are over 6,000 Google hits for "soppressata" and 16,000 for "sopressata."  The DICTIONARY OF CULINARY ARTS has it as "soppresso--A northern Italian pork and beef salami."  "Sopressata" was discussed in
   A New York City food web site with this (and other especially Italian foods) is:

   Is it in the OED?  In Merriam-Webster?  Fuhgeddaboutit!
   The earliest hit is this ad:

   5 June 1965, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 35:
_Imported Meat Products_
Proscuitto, salami, sopressata, and other popular meat styles. (...)
Famous since 1893
488 Ninth Ave., nr. 37th St.

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