Drunken Goat (1996)

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   I was in the cheese section of ELI'S on the upper east side and saw a  "Drunken Goat."  What's next?  A little laughing cow in a red net bag?
   There are some Google hits which you can find for yourself.  Here are some Dow Jones database articles (which start in 1997), followed by a 1996 trademark record:

Not baaaaaaad! All we are saying is give goat cheese a chance
Kathleen Purvis, Knight-Tribune News Service
The Florida Times-Union
(I just like the headline--ed.)

 09/25/2000      Product Alert
   Marketing Intelligence Service Ltd.
  Information has been obtained to append our previous report on the Tuscan Hills Mayonnaise line. Lakeport, CA-based Tuscan Hills now offers Drunken Goat and Cracked Black Pepper varieties that are packaged in resealable, hexagon shaped glass jars with twist off lids. Literature for Tuscan Hills gourmet foods states, "Use on your favorite sandwich or burger. They are great as a bread spread or in pasta salads. Use as a base for your favorite salad dressing or as a topper for crab cakes."


5/23/1997      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette           SOONER      22      (Copyright 1997)                 "I'll have the wedding soup, fried zucchini, spots. . . . "

You could walk into a typical Pittsburgh restaurant and place that order without looking at the menu. Even desserts come from the same vendors.

Not so at Christian's at Turtle Creek. Check it out: Tournedos au poivre with fois gras and drunken goat cheese . . . confited pork loin with sauce Robert . . . veal chop stuffed with bacon, Belgian endive and cambozola cheese in a red pepper chili sauce . . .

   From U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records:

Goods and Services IC 029. US 046. G & S: CHEESE. FIRST USE: 19960000. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19960000
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number 75410559
Filing Date December 19, 1997
Published for Opposition July 28, 1998
Registration Number 2198671
Registration Date October 20, 1998
Owner (REGISTRANT) Sini Fulvi Usa Inc. CORPORATION NEW YORK 25-40 Shore Blvd. #16I Astoria NEW YORK 11102
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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