Zakuska, Solyanka, Okroshka (1871)

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Mon Feb 10 05:10:28 UTC 2003

   OED has 1885 for "zakuska," and I had previously posted 1876.  OED has a ridiculous 1958 for "solyanka."  I was looking for Chinese "bok choy" when I came upon this--for Russian cuisine!
   From THE GALAXY (Making of America-Cornell), October 1871, pg. 530:

   In Russia, various relishes, such as fresh caviar, smoked salmon, radishes, cheese, and raw herrings, are eaten under the name of _zakushka_, and served as a little dinner or luncheon (_vorschmack_).  The dinner proper (_obed_) consists of soups, _rostigai_ (pates of isinglass and sturgeon), _solianka_ (fish and cabbage), _pojarskie kotlety_ (chicken cutlets), _porosenak_ (cold boiled pig with horse-radish), _barany-bok_ _s-kashoi_ (roast mutton stuffed with buckwheat), _jarhoe_ (roast grouse), and _pirojnoe_ (sweet dishes).  Some of the soups, as the _okroshka_, are made of fermented rye, with pieces of meat, herring, and cucumber, and served ice-cold, and very few of them are palatable.

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