Daylight SavingS Time

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And then there's the advertising usage, "$x off, for A savingS of $y,"
which is also well established in everyday speech.

Peter Mc.

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> sagehen wrote:
>> Another odd thing about this expression is where the emphasis lies.
>> Unlike LABOR-saving or TIME-saving, where the  noun gets the stress, DST
>> is always stressed on the "Savings."  The meanings aren't quite
>> parallel, of course. Daylight Shifting Time would be closer to the mark.
>> In that case it would be natural to put the stress on Shifting.
> I wrote about daylight saving*s time and Y2K and calendars a
> couple years back
> <>
> with more links than you'd probably want to pursue.
> This reference <>
> says the "s" has come into use because it is more mellifluous and
> also suggests "shifting" as an alternative expansion of the "S"
> in DST.
> I think those who are saying "savings account" and "savings and
> loan" may have something to do with the appended "s" are probably
> on the track.
> Sal
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