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Check out the link -- it's an interesting story.

On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 10:24  AM, Joanne M. Despres wrote:

> M-W hasn't picked this up through its regular reading program, but
> a NEXIS search yielded 25 hits from 1989 forward.  At his point it
> looks like a low-frequency word found mainly in the lesbian/feminist
> press, with an occasional appearance in some mainstream English
> newspapers and very rare uses in mainstream American papers
> (once in the Los Angeles Times and once in the Washington Post).
> For what it's worth,
> Joanne
> On 11 Feb 2003, at 21:55, AAllan at AOL.COM wrote:
>> Article by Amy Sohn:
>> If the lipstick lesbian was the gay icon of the nineties, these days
>> she’s
>> been replaced by her more controversial counterpart, the hasbian: a
>> woman who
>> used to date women but now dates men. Though Anne Heche is the most
>> prominent
>> example, many hasbians (sometimes called LUGS: lesbians until
>> graduation) are
>> by-products of nineties liberal-arts educations. Caught up in the gay
>> scene
>> at school, they came out at 20 or 21 and now, five or ten years
>> later, are
>> finding themselves in the odd position of coming out all over
>> again—as
>> heterosexuals. . . .
>> From
>> n_8301/
>> - Allan Metcalf

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