ADS-L Digest - 12 Feb 2003 to 13 Feb 2003 (#2003-45)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Feb 14 15:49:13 UTC 2003

At 9:52 PM -0800 2/13/03, Tony Laidig wrote:
>>>>>"TEENAGE"-FOR ADULTS ONLY--A film playing at a local cinema
>>>>>here.  What's next, a film titled KIDS with an "R" rating?
>It already exists:
>"Disturbing, dark, low-budget independent film about teen-agers growing
>up in poverty in New York City. The story focuses on Telly (Leo
>Fitzpatrick), a teen who has a goal to de-flower as many virgins as he
>can. When one of his old encounters discovers that she is
>H.I.V.-positive, after only one encounter with a guy, Telly remains
>Originally rated NC-17, then cut to an R rating.

I suspect Barry knew that, even though he didn't include a smiley.


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