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Fri Feb 14 21:22:52 UTC 2003

>I've seen that version also, but it is not perfect: "6" is
>pronounced [sis] and Friedrich's chateau is Sans Souci.
>The book already exists

Again, I suspect Ben, the writer of the previous message, already
knew that.  For some reason there's been a lot of undetected
leg-pulling going on today.  Maybe it's Valentine's Day.


>and is well worth reading:
>"Mots d'heures: Gousses, Rames. The d'Antin Manuscript edited and
>annotated by Luis d'Antin van Rooten" Grossman Publishers, New York
>An example:
>Un petit d'un petit
>S'étonne aux Halles
>Un petit d'un petit
>Ah! degrés te fallent
>Indolent qui ne sort cesse
>Indolent qui ne se mène
>Qu'importe un petit d'un petit
>Tout Gai de Reguennes.
>If someone thinks that this sounds lika Humpty Dumpty, he is
>probably not absolutely mistaken.
>Jan Ivarsson
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>From: "Ben Ostrowsky" <sylvar at VAXER.NET>
>Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 7:33 PM
>Subject: Re: [ADS-L] Texting
>>  >      p                         ci
>>  >                   à
>>  >  venez                      sans
>>  I've also seen this as:
>>     p          6
>>  -------  a  -----
>>   venez       100
>>  What next, a book of Mother Goose rhymes made to sound French?
>>  Ben

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