"Follow the heedings"

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This is not a printed example, but back around 1992 my son and
daughter-in-law were preparing to go out into sub-zero wind chill.  I
suggested they wear hats, and my daughter-in-law replied, "But then I'll
have hat hair."  She was just out of college at the time, so I suspect the
term was current in this Central Indiana center of lexical innovation.


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On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Laurence Horn wrote:

>heedings and warnings".  And another new (to me) word from today's
>Times:  the compound _hat hair_, for the "affliction" caused by
>compressing one's hair under a tight hat during a winter in which
>it's more important to conserve body heat than to look stylish.  (Cf.
>also "hood hair.")

Some of us equine folks here have been talking about <helmet hair> for at
least five years. Helmet hair refers to a haircut such that no one can
tell whether you just removed a riding helmet from your head. It can also
refer to what hair looks like after one's helmet is removed if one does
not have such a haircut.


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