Chris Jenks cjjenks at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 20 05:47:02 UTC 2003

Of all of my years growing up in the 80's and 90's, I have never heard the
term "skank" used for anything other than a female slut (I've also heard
"pigeons" used as well).  The common term for a guy would be "player."
Chris J

I never heard of a "skank" as a "slut".  Back in the "good ol' days",  a
slut was, well, a slut(usually referring to a woman who had "too many"
partners, "too many" not being defined in any way).  But I have seen
evidence of modern teens using "skanky" meaning engaging in a large number
of sesual relationships.  Does this *only* apply to females?  I didn't get
the impression that it did.
Anne G

Evidently at UCLA "slut" has become sex-neutral, and there have been
a number of instances I recall (I still notice them) in the popular
media (movies, magazines, "Friends", etc.) in which men are describes
as, or more usually called, sluts for being promiscuous (another term
that was applied exclusively to women/girls back in the day but has
now gone co-ed)--"Why, you slut!" (often used ironically).

I don't have enough first-hand knowledge of the application of either
"skank" or "skanky" to know if it's universally female-only; I was
just struck by the fact that (at least among UCLA students) when one
sexually pejorative term applying only to women is generalized,
another one is born.  (The usual prediction would be that even if
"skanky" can be applied to men in some circumstances, only a woman
can be "a skank".  But it might be interesting to see if these
words--even the noun-- can apply to men within the gay community.  I
suspect that this was a factor in the growing sex-neutrality of


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