Skanks & sluts

Fri Feb 21 04:51:53 UTC 2003

>Also "slut" has lost almost all of its negativity. When I
>was in high
>school it was a terrible insult to call someone a slut.
>Now you can
>call your friends sluts & they just smile & shrug.
>Ho is close behind, almost interchangeable w/ slut in
>situations. But ho retains more of its power to insult.
>As for skanky ho -- that's bad.
>Indigo Som
>indigo at
>Music this week: early 80s Sweet Honey in the Rock

I don't feel that "slut" has lost its negative sense at
all.  I would never call a friend a "slut" and expect her
to just shrug it off and smile.  Maybe "ho" in the right
company (like, other people who went to two-year college
with my sister, or know someone very well, who did).
 Never "slut".  Seems to me it depends not just on age,
but on region, context, and the individual speaking.

My two cents' worth anyway... Millie

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