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> > Probably there are good-sized classrooms wherein every third female
> >  is named Brittany or so ... but there were none with this name in any
of my
> >  classes (just a few years ago!) ... whence this name?
> I agree that "Brittany" (various spellings) in my recollection emerged out
> the woodwork in the last generation.  Someone told me it was the name of
> girlfriend of one of Simon-Theodore-Alvin chipmunks.

Using Dave Wilton's excellent suggestion of the SS Death Index, one finds
that the first name "Brittany" does NOT show up between people born between
1960-70.  It first appears in a single female born in 1971.  It appears with
increasing frequency after that, although "frequency" of death in people
that young would be poor indicators of actually numbers in the population.

The tv show with the chipmunks, where there was indeed a girlfriend names
Brittany, was first aired in 1983.

Sam Clements

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