Team color names [WAS: Card sharp versus card shark]

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Feb 25 15:09:31 UTC 2003

At 5:35 AM -0600 2/25/03, Mike Salovesh wrote:
>Please don't forget the "Monsters of the Midway", the University of Chicago
>Maroons.  Their days of glory came when they led the original Big Ten,
>under the leadership of the Grand Old Man, Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg. Their
>last notable season in bigtime  football was way back in the 1930s, the
>heyday of Jay Berwanger. I don't know whether it's truth or urban legend,
>but at the U of Chicago they still claim that the figure atop the Heissman
>Trophy was modeled on Jay Berwanger.

The Heisman trophy is generally claimed--not just at the U. of
Chicago--to have been modeled on Berwanger, who was
1) the first winner of the Heisman (in 1935)
2) the only Heisman recipient to have been tackled by a future
president of the U.S. (Gerald Ford of the U. of Michigan)
3) the first draft choice of the NFL

There's a great picture of him at age 85 in his U. of C. football
uniform at


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