google verb: don't label as trademark

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Thu Feb 27 03:17:02 UTC 2003

Thank you, Wendalyn. My acknowledgment now states that "Google(tm) is a
trademark identifying the search technology and services of Google
Technologies Inc." This seems to me to be a good compromise that doesn't
label the verb as trademarked, but does recognize the noun's trademark
status, which has satisfied the Google lawyer.


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Subject: google verb: don't label as trademark

> Just to add a note to this thread (I've been unable to go online for about
> ten days due to complications from what ought to have been a
> straightforward move within NYC):
> I dealt with many trademark lawyers' letters while I was the editorial
> director at RH Reference, and I can say without any question that the noun
> 'Google' can be trademarked, but the verb 'google' cannot. It muddies the
> waters to label the verb as a trademark, so Paul, if you've labeled the
> verb, I'd remove the label. If you post it lowercase but trademarked, they
> can use that to argue with others whom they want to bully into allowing
> them to attempt to trademark a verb.  Label the noun only. Attributive
> of the capitalized noun are part of a trademark but can be left implied,
> rather than explicit.
> Wendalyn Nichols

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