downloading, in the chair lift sense

Melanie Archer mejarc at TWOBANJOS.COM
Thu Jan 2 15:49:38 UTC 2003

>From:    Philip Trauring <philip at CS.BRANDEIS.EDU>
>The only definition I've been able to find for downloading, is the
>computer sense. Is this sense in any dictionary? I still haven't been
>able to track down a reasonably priced OED, so I can't check the OED.

Like Dave Hause, I find only computer-related usages in the OED; the
earliest-dated supporting quotation is for a noun form ("Changes at this
stage are readily achieved by a simple process of re-edit, assemble and
download."  Scientific American, 1977)

>p.s. Someone from the list did contact me previously about a compact
>edition of the OED, but my e-mail got corrupted and I lost the e-mail
>before I could respond. If that person reads this, please get back in

You might try the Oxford University Press Web sites:

Melanie Archer

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