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Reinhold Aman's review "Maledicta" has a few essays on slurs that contain also geographical euphemisms, among others Sterling Eisiminger's "Glossary of ethnic slurs in American English" in Vol. III No. 2 and Vol. IX.
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> Also:
> Liverpool kiss:
> 1957 Kersh _Fowlers End_ 28: You know what it is, a Liverpool kiss? Make a
> quick grab for the lapels o' the coat, an' pull somebody forward. At the
> same time bunt 'im in the face miv the top o' your 'ead an' kick 'im in the
> stomach miv your knee. Naturally 'e falls forward. While 'e's falling, punch
> 'im in the jaw miv all your might so he gradually falls dahn senseless.
> Then, at your leisure, kick 'im in the 'ead.
> Or the 'Byker teacake', another head-butt. Byker is a notoriously tough
> housing project in the northern city of Newcastle (as in 'coals to . . .').
> A teacake (in case such delights haven't crossed the Atlantic) is 'a light
> kind of flat cake to be eaten at tea' (OED).
> Jonathon Green

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