Mishikaki & Mtori (A TASTE OF ZANZIBAR)

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Dear friends,
I am a person who makes  translation from Eng to turkish. But firs time
While translating on medical fields, I faced some statements follow like:
1-"Air/Silicone Exchange": Q:Silicone means Silisium or silicone in medical
2-"Fluid/silicone exchange is unnecessary and more difficult to visualize"
Q:What does it mean to visualize in this sentence; What of exchange of
fluid/silicone is  difficult  to visualize? its performing or what?
3-Bubble expansion from air: Q:If someone breaths it?
4-best prohibited : what is the difference than normal prohibited?
5-vascular occlusion: Is a kind of expansion of vascular?
6-interfacial tension :What?

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>Subject: Mishikaki & Mtori (A TASTE OF ZANZIBAR)
>Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 14:06:33 -0500
>by Zarina Jafferji
>Zanzibar: The Gallery Publications
>gallery at swahilicoast.com; www.galleryzanzibar.com; zjafferji at aol.com
>96 pages, paperback, $18
>    This is an attractive book, using full color.  It's in English and
>Swahili.  Here are two items that probably should be in the OED, but
>probably are not.
>Pg. 47:
>_Barbecued meat (Mshikaki)_
>Serves 6 people
>Barbecued meat is sold by many street vendors in Zanzibar.  Small pieces of
>beef are skewered then cooked over glowing charcoal, brushed with a chilli
>sauce to add flavour.
>2 1/2 lbs. lamb, rump or fillet steak cut into small pieces
>1 tsp. red chilli powder
>1/2 tsp. black pepper
>1 tbsp. ginger paste
>1 tbsp. garlic paste
>1 tbsp. tomato paste (optional)
>2 tbsps. cooking oil
>salt to taste
>1 tbsp. crushed raw papaya (an optional tenderiser for meat)
>Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and marinade the meat overnight or
>for at least four hours in a refrigerator.  Prepare a charcoal fire and
>grill the meat on skewers.  Occasionally baste the meat with oil and also
>brush with a chilli sauce.  Serve immediately with a green salad and
>Zanzibari sauce.
>_Meat with banana puree (Mtori)_
>Serves 6 people
>This dish is prepared with savoury bananas and is deliciously creamy.
>1 lb. stewing meat
>6 small green bananas
>2 onions chopped
>2 tbsps. butter
>2 cups chopped potatoes
>1 tsp. garlic paste
>1 tsp. ginger paste
>2 fresh green chillies
>1/2 cup thick coconut milk
>salt and pepper to taste
>Cut the meat into small pieces and marinade in the garlic, ginger and green
>chillies for one to two hours.  Cook the meat in some water until tender.
>Peel the bananas and add to the meat with the chopped onions.  Add water if
>necessary and allow to simmer until tender.  Add the butter and mash the
>banana.  Lastly add the thick coconut milk and cook over a low heat for a
>further 5 minutes.
>_Meat curry (Mchuzi wa nyama)_
>Serves 6-8 people.
>Perfect with rice.  You can substitute chicken as well.
>(Typist leaving for Zanzibar--ed.)

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