Call for Rocky Mountain Region Scholars

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Call for Rocky Mountain Region Scholars

Rocky Mountain Regional Culture

I am seeking contributors for a reference work on Rocky Mountain
regional culture. The Rocky Mountain volume is part of a Greenwood
Reference Series on American regional cultures; the series also includes
volumes on New England, the Mid-Atlantic Region, the Midwest, the South,
the Southwest, the Great Plains, and the Pacific Region. For the
purposes of the Greenwood series, the Rocky Mountain region is made up
of the states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The core
audience for the series will be high school and university students as
well as public library patrons.

FORMAT: Topical chapters in each volume include Architecture, Art,
Ecology/Environment, Ethnicity, Fashion, Film, Folklore, Food, Language,
Literature, Music, Religion, and Sports/Recreation. Each chapter will
identify and examine a particular aspect of regional culture as it has
evolved over time, through the beginning of the 21st century, always
taking into account the rich diversity of cultural expressions within
each region. For example, in the Rocky Mountain volume, the
"Ecology/Environment" chapter might focus on Native American attitudes
toward the natural world, the state of the Rocky Mountain environment
when first encountered by Euro-Americans, the near eradication of the
American bison and other species, air and water pollution, Yellowstone
as the world's first national park, wilderness and wild rivers,
reintroduction of the wolf, the contested role of fire, and the
challenges of population growth.

The chapters will be approximately 15,000 words. Contributors will
receive an honorarium and one copy.

Please note that I am NOT calling for the submission of articles but am
seeking inquiries from scholars who wish to contribute topical overview
chapters to this volume on Rocky Mountain regional culture. If you are
interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity to help
articulate a sense of place for the Rocky Mountains, please submit your
curriculum vitae for consideration to Rick Newby at
rnewby at, indicating the chapter you are interested in writing.

Rocky Mountain Volume Editor:

Rick Newby
Zadig, LLC
710 Harrison Avenue
Helena, MT  59601
phone: 406.449.6291
fax: 208.979.5469
e-mail: rnewby at

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