"City of Light"

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The Making of America database (Cornell's version) shows a citation from 1847.

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On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Laurence Horn wrote:

> We've been through enough fair-based and city-nickname-relevant
> etymythologies that when I saw this little story I immediately began
> to wonder:  Is "the City of Light" as a sobriquet for Paris really
> traceable back to the Paris Fair of 1900, or should that story be
> consigned to the murky dustbin of urban legend, along with the St.
> Louis World's Fair that didn't really give us hamburgers, not to
> mention the Dana non-source of "the Windy City" and Eve's Apples?  Or
> is this one legit?

If this story is the standard one and if Barry lived in France, we would
get daily bulletins from him about newspapers printing the wrong story.  A
search in New York Times Historical shows references to Paris as the "City
of Light" as far back as 1886.

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