"City of Light", "oaktag"

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Fri Jan 10 04:36:16 UTC 2003

Laurence Horn wrote:
>On a different note, I just heard my first "oaktag", or at least the
>first one I remember.  It was on "The West Wing", the Christmas show
>that I taped then and just watched tonight, in which White House
>Director of Communications Toby Ziegler (played by Richard Schiff)
>uses it in the sense we've discussed.  The character is from New York
>(Brighton Beach) and Jewish.
>I'm still not sure how I avoided familiarity with this lexical item
>my whole life, but I'm willing to accept that it's my fault and not

I seem not to have printed out the usenet posting I noticed the other
day (in alt.sports.hockey.nhl.ny-islanders, if you must know) in
which oaktag occurred properly. The context involved getting together
to picket Cablevision, and the only uncertainty with regard to the
substance was whether it's "oaktag" or "oak tag".

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