Maides of Honor (1587); High Holy Dayes (1653)

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> Wasn't Jim Landau providing a date for High Holy Days in the Jewish
>  calendar? The cites from EEBO seem to refer to something else. Anyway,
>  here is a slightly earlier cite for High Holy Days found in the Historical
>  Index to the New York Times 21 August 1918 page 8 col. 7 under United
>  States--Army: Jews "orders issued for furloughs for high holy days"

Yes, the title of my post was "Judaica antedatings".

Did you find the cite for "high holy days" on page 6 of the March 15, 1922
issue of the New York Times?  It is interesting that neither time is the
phrase capitalized.

I found this one while unsuccessfully trying to find a report of Judith
Kaplan's "bat mitzvah" in the New York Times.  Lucikly Barry Popik was able
to find an actual 1922 citation---my best was an embarrassing 1933.

              - Jim Landau

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