piss elegance

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Sun Jan 19 03:14:55 UTC 2003

just got the fall 2002 issue of NEST ("a quarterly of interiors"),
which declared itself to be about PISS ELEGANCE.

on an early page - as with other with-it magazines, it's very hard
to figure out what the page number of anything is - there is a
declaration of topic:

  "Piss elegant": Most decorators use the expression and hear
  themselves so described.  Moreover, "piss elegance" is a theme
  for this issue of NEST.  [the front part of the magazine is
  about toilets and their equivalents.]  But we confess to being
  unable to find an origin for this provocative word-join.  NEST
  has racked its collective brain, even consulting such authorities
  as the Internet, without avail.  Would readers care to help?

just passing this on...

   arnold (zwicky at csli.stanford.edu)

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