to geekize: is this a first instance?

vida morkunas vidamorkunas at TELUS.NET
Sun Jan 19 08:36:57 UTC 2003

from today's NY Times, an article about Fossil watches:

"FOSSIL INC., along with competitors like Swatch, made a mark in the 1980's
by "fashionizing" watches — turning them into fashion accessories. But
Fossil says its recently announced partnership with Microsoft to produce
watches that can receive short text messages does not mean that it is now in
the business of fashionizing geekware.

"Instead, designers and engineers at Fossil's headquarters in this Dallas
suburb say their mission is to geekize fashion wear — that is, to make
watches that look good and just happen to contain a computer. To them, it's
an important distinction."

is this the first usage of the [horrid] word 'geekize'?

thank you,

vidamorkunas at

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