German Taco

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Jan 23 00:28:33 UTC 2003

>Hi all,
>A German Taco, according to the Amarillo Globe-News, is a flour tortilla
>stuffed with slices of summer sausage and jalapeƱo cheese, then wrapped
>like a burrito and heated.
>Fredericksburg, as the name suggests, was a German settlement.  Now it's
>a nice place to spend a weekend because the area's pretty, there are
>plenty of sights to see, little shops, etc.  Here in Dallas, we have
>fish tacos in addition the usual varieties.  I haven't seen the German
>kind, but I might have just not noticed.
German taco is a new one on me, although after reading the
description it's not as exotic as it first sounded, although with a
flour tortilla and heated as above I'd call it a German burrito.  In
my lexicon, "taco" entails corn tortilla(s), although there can be
one or two (the latter is standard if the filling is sauced) and they
can be hard or soft.

As for fish tacos, they've been big in southern CA for years.  They
sell them at San Diego Padres games.  (And I had a good one at an
outdoor stand near the LSA/ADS hotel last time we met in L.A.)


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