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> There are two cities in North America named after the Deity.  Providence is
>  one.  Name the other.

Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

>  (References to the Christian Trinity are excluded,
>  although you might want to find a place named after the Holy Ghost.)

Espirito Santo (state in Brazil) or Espiritu Santo (island in South Pacific)

>  England is a subset of Britain, yet New Britain is a subset of New England.
>  Find not one but two "New Scotlands" and half of a "New Wales".

Nova Scotia, New Caledonia, New South Wales

>  The Northeast has many "New x" place names (e.g. see previous) including
> "New  Square".  Where is "Old Square"?

The town of Skvir (sp?) somewhere in Europe, original home of the Skvirer
Rebbe whose followers founded New Square

>  The _Titanic_ was sunk by an iceberg.  What happened to its sister ship the
>  _Hoosatanic_?

Apologies for the spelling error, which misled at least one reader.  That was
the USS _Housatanic_, which was the first ship ever sunk by a submarine.  Do
NOT check

How Satanic.

>  Locate the Four Seasons of Massachusetts.

Winter Island (in Salem Harbor), Springfield, Somerville (suburb of Boston),
Fall River

>  What is unique (linguistically) about the Bostoner Rebbe?

He is the only Chassidic dynastic whose title comes from a city in the New
World rather than from a municipality in Europe.  (Boston is a shtetl?)

>  Riddle:  why is New Haven the obvious site for the first appearance of the
>  Anglophone bagel?

Even Fred Shapiro knows that New Haven is the home of Yale lox.

>  Riddle:  what kind of sex life does a backwards Yalie have?

An e-lay, obviously.  However, if he crosses Long Island Sound, he can get
Great Neck-ing.

>  Riddle:  why can't you get to Rhode Island by train?

Because road islands are only found on highways.

                         - Jim Landau

P.S.  A friend of mine thought he had the perfect trivia question about the
New York subways:  "Many subway stations have references to water in their
names, such as "Bay Ridge" or "Aqueduct" or "Fresh Pond Road".  Identify the
station which has two references to water in its name."  The answer was
supposed to have been something like "Ocean Parkway-Neptune Avenue".
However, when he tried the question, the answer he got was "Main

And while we're on New York City geography, what is the story behind the name
"Ozone Park"?

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