jibe/jive, needs washed

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Thu Jan 23 23:53:16 UTC 2003

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AnneR at HKUSA.COM writes:

>  jive for jibe (to be in accord, agree): "We've got to make sure the
>  art jives with the art manuscript."
>  Is this a common substitution that other people have heard?

I would chalk this one up to ignorance or more likely momentary confusion,
since "jibe" is not that common a word.  However, I'm not a trained linguist
and might be missing something more significant.

In this particular context, the word "jive" sense: "finished art break-dances
with the manuscript."  In fact, the nautical word "gybe" (of a sail, to move
across the deck suddenly and dangerously) makes sense here.

>  Also, does anyone know if the following is a usage specific to the Midwest,
>  because this is the only place I've heard it used (or noticed, anyway): the
>  dropping of "to be" after needs -- "my hair needs washed," "the clock needs
>  restored," etc.

_American Speech_ Spring 2002 (Vol 77 Number 1) pages 32ff has an article by
Thomas Murray and Beth Lee Simon on similar expressions, including maps of
where they appear or don't appear.  6 pages of bibliography, too.

      - James A. Landau

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