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>Is it found anywhere in Canada?

I have never heard 'needs washed', neither in my native Montreal, nor in
Vancouver (where I've lived since 1990)

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ps: am I the only Canadian here?

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> Peter Trudgill confirms that much of northern England, Ireland, and
> Scotland all have "needs/wants/(and likes?) + p.p."--so, as an earlier
> writer noted too, this isn't surprising.   Pittsburgh and the South
> Midland are in the mainstream!

I'd like to look that up; where does he say this? (I'm interested in
where the boundaries are in the British Isles.)

Is it found anywhere in Canada?

> At 03:20 PM 1/27/2003 -0600, you wrote:
> >My spouse, a Pittsburgh native, has "needs washed," something that
> >struck my Southern ear (Atlanta native) as quite strange from the
> >first time I heard it (36+ years ago).  Neither he nor any of his
> >family members (at least the ones I know) has "warshed."  (The family
> >combines Pittsburgh working and middle class backgrounds.) But here's
> >the interesting observation: Last night Twin Cities Public Television
> >repeated a Nature film on puppies.  The Scotsman (I BELIEVE the
> >setting was Scotland) observed of a Border collie pup that he "won't
> >want petted" under certain circumstances. My ears perked up, of
> >course. Miriam Meyers
> >

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