Congo Squares/Bars (1959)

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   David Shulman left the hospital yesterday.  The St. Nicholas Home kindly
thought to give him some fresh air and left the window to his room open.
   This David Barnhart thing is troubling.  Where is he?
   I'll check "ginger ale" today on the BRITISH AND IRISH WOMEN'S LETTERS AND
DIARIES database (only at NYU), then go to the NYPL, then scoot to Columbia
for the AMERICAN PERIODICAL SERIES database (only at Columbia).  This
database searching is harder than you think.
   Below is a very early "Congo Squares" that beats the Harvard Square "Congo
Bars" by over a decade.  It's from Becky Mercuri, an ADS-L lurker with a lot
of food knowledge and a gazillion cookbooks:

Subj:   Revised Info: Congo Bars
Date:   1/27/2003 4:59:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
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My mom went on a search and destroy mission - the more she thought about the
dating of Congo Bars, the more she decided they were later than 1950. She
found them:

Nestles Semi-Sweet Chocolate Kitchen Recipes, 1959, 64 pages. It's listed in
Col. Bob Allen's A Guide to Collecting Cookbooks. The actual recipe appears
as "Congo Squares."


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