Snail Salad & Wandies

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   This is from the Chowhound New England Message Board.  "Snail salad" was
listed as the first of "errors, omissions, quibbles" with that November 2002
NEW YORK TIMES article on Rhode Island food.  The author of the article has a
reply post on this site.
   I'll also attach the post about "wandies"  (DARE?)

Chowhound's New England Message Board

> Subject:     Foods of Rhode IslandName:        Bob W.Posted:      November
> 13, 2002 at 10:50:50Message:     Decent article in today's New York Times
> on the peculiar native cuisine of Little Rhody.
> Overall, it's informative and entertaining. Perhaps almost as much as my
> posts on RI food. :>)
> Kudos to the author for using the term "up the arm" in his discussion of
> weiners, and for his mention of George's of Galilee as a good source for
> stuffies and clamcakes.
> Errors, omissions, quibbles:
> 1. No mention of snail salad.
> 2. No mention of grapenut custard.
> 3. Misspelling of jonnycake mecca Common's Lunch as Commons Lunch. The
> apostrophe gives it that extra-special quirky RI flavor.
> 4. Clamcakes are nothing at all like hushpuppies, and I think to even
> mention hushpuppies gives people a misleading impression of clamcakes.

Chowhound's New England Message Board

> Subject:     Re(2): Foods of Rhode IslandFrom:        <A HREF="mailto:pfox at">pfox at</A> (pfox)
> Posted:      November 13, 2002 at 14:01:56In Reply To: <A HREF="">Re(1): Foods of
> Rhode Island</A>             Posted by Coyote on November 13, 2002 at 12:33:29
> Message:     Wandies are crispy fried doughs. They are very thin and
> usually shaped into a bow, after deep frying, they are taken out of the oil
> and sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar. It is an Italian treat. I
> remember my grandmother making them in her kitchen on a huge wooden board
> that was covered with flour, cutting the dough with something that looked
> like a pizza cutter that had a zig-zag edge to it and filling up straw
> baskets with them. Generally made for the holidays and weddings.

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